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What Students are Saying

"These China Admissions agents/consultants are very efficient at facilitating the development, assembly, delivery, and follow up of college applications. Sometimes they are even able to go as far as negotiating with the schools admissions department. Definitely great service, I would recommend to anyone looking to study in China."

Clinton Holthouse, USA

China Admission is the best i have ever worked with when it comes to university admission. They are so effective, responsive, within reach whenever needed, versatile in providing different options to get the admission process completed in time, as well as flexible to accommodating sudden changes in plans with visa, logistics, international tuition/admission payments.

China Admission has inspired and motivated me to actually engage in other projects to send students to China, because they are making it so easy that it doesn’t matter where you are from or located around the world; you can still go to study and/or send students to China from your own location.

Andres Ntutumu Equatorial Guinea

My son has arrived safely at his university. I am very thankful for your help. For sure many students from Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) will be contacting you for your excellent assistance, attention, and service. Will definitely recommend. I am very satisfied with China Admissions.

Abraham Hernandez, father of student Diego Hernandez

If you are planning to study in China, I highly recommend China admissions. They are the best they will help you guide you and continuously update you China admissions for international students they are the best.

Lusiana Lolokubou, Fiji

For a long time, I haven’t had such professional handling of things and I worked for ten years in Luxury Hotels. Thanks.

Joe, Italy

China is really a good study abroad destination. I honestly think one should consider China especially with the help of China Admissions you will get more than enough assistance pertaining to what you want to study and the best schools for that. 

Wellington Kanyama, Zimbabwe
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is China Admissions?

China Admissions is the leading online platform for international students to apply to Chinese universities. You can read more about us here.

What is included in Partner account?

It is free to join, and limited to a number of global partners. You will get fast processing of admissions for your students to Chinese universities, commissions when you introduce students. You will also get training from our team.

What are the requirements? 

You need to have an established registered student consultancy business in good standing. We are looking for the best global partners who are serious about growing their business.

How much does it cost?

It is free. We pay you a commission when you introduce students.

How much are the commissions?

They vary by each university. Normally it is around 10% of the first year tuition fee. Some universities offer more, and some of the top universities do not give commission. After you login to the agent platform you will be able to see the exact commission for each program.

Are there scholarships? 

Yes there are some scholarships, we have a list of those. However we are mostly focusing on self-funded students.

How can I join?

Please register by clicking the "Apply Now" link below. Complete the form and we will review your eligibility. We are in "invite only" and only looking to work with a limited number of the best and most serious partners at this stage in each country.